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Beef & Steak

Beef & Steak
Beef Kabobs Image

Beef Kabobs
"World Famous" Skewers of STEAK meat and vegies in our original Italian...

Marinated Skirt Steak Image

Marinated Skirt Steak
Ascots own tender, flavorful skirt steak made from our famous Italian...

Italian Sausage Image

Italian Sausage
Handcrafted Original 3rd Generation recipe...

Calabrese Italian Sausage Image

Calabrese Italian Sausage
Our original handcrafted mild italina sausage stuffed with red and green...

Italian Meatballs Image

Italian Meatballs
"An Ascot Classic" A mixture of ground beef and pork seasoned Italian...

Rib Eye Steaks Image

Rib Eye Steaks
Custom Cut Prime Steak (Superior Marbling)

New York Strip Steaks Image

New York Strip Steaks
Custom cut Prime steak (1 each)